Touring through 2011 in Support of New Album

I hope to see you in one of the cities listed below! 
I'm looking forward to each and every one.  
Love, A.

"It is refreshing to hear a musician as authentic as Annie Crane." - Columbus Wired

“...an album that will undoubtedly serve as a great beacon of her potential.” - Exclaim!

"Her lilting, Celtic-inspired voice is prone to soaring. It’s quite beautiful, and she knows it..." - Independent Clauses

"This album is, on a lyrical level alone, a true folk record..." - Old Fridge Can Kill

“'Jump With a Child’s Heart' is carefully and lovingly crafted, and a perfect addition right next to records by Kathleen Edwards, Patty Griffin, and Lucinda Williams.” - Popmatters
- October dates touring solo -
Sat 10/15 - The Antrim Grange, 8pm, Cover: $5, Clinton Road, Route 31, Antrim, NH
Sun 10/16 - Slainte Wine Bar & Lounge, 9pm, Suggested Donation of $5, 24 Preble St. Portland, ME, www.slaintewinebar.com 
Mon 10/17 - Chick Pickin' Mondays at Grumpys Bar w/ Brie Neilson, 9pm, 1242 Bishop Street, Montreal, QC Canada, www.grumpysbar.ca
Wed 10/19 - Free Times Cafe w/ Mary Stewart, 8:30pm, Suggested Donation of $5, 320 College St., Toronto, ON Canada, www.freetimescafe.com
Thurs 10/20 - Abilene's Bar & Lounge, 9:00pm, 153 Liberty Pole Way, Rochester, NY, www.abilenebarandlounge.com
Fri 10/21 - The Shop Cafe, 8:00pm, Suggested Donation of $5, 312 East Seneca st., Ithaca, NY,www.theshopcafe.com
Sat 10/22 - House Concert, 7:00pm, Baltimore, MD. Limited space available. Contact to be added to the guest list, info@anniecranemusic.com.
- November touring with label-mate, Elam Blackmanwww.elamblackman.com - 
Fri 11/11 - House Concert w/ The Accordions, 8pm, Indianapolis, IN. Limited space available. Contact to be added to the guest list, info@anniecranemusic.com.
Sat 11/12 - Keruac Kafe, 8pm, 2250 North High St., Columbus, OH.  www.kafekerouac.com
Sun 11/13 - Sitwells Coffeehouse, 8pm, 324 Ludlow Avenue, Cincinnati OH, 
Mon 11/14 - House Concert, 7:30pm, Knoxville TN. Limited space available. Contact to be added to the guest list, info@anniecranemusic.com.
Tues 11/15 - Bobo Gallery, 8:00pm, 22 Lexington Ave., Asheville, NC, www.bobogallery.com
Wed 11/16 - The Black Feather Cafe, 7:00pm, 216 Adams Street, Berea, KY.www.blackfeathercafe.com
Thurs 11/17 - The Broad Street Cafe, 8:30pm, 1116 Broad Street, Durham, NC, www.thebroadstreetcafe.com
Fri 11/18 - Darjeeling Cafe, 8:00pm, 103 W. Beverley St., Staunton, VA, www.darjeelingcafe.com
Sat 11/19 - House Concert at Caleb Stine's, 7:00pm, Baltimore, MD. Limited space available. Contact to be added to the guest list, caleb@calebstine.com.
Mon 11/21 - Rose Hall at The Camphill Village Community, 7:30pm, 1601 Pughtown Road, Kimberton, PA, www.camphillkimberton.org 
- December dates touring solo -
Thurs 12/1 - Green Line Cafe w/ Caleb Klauder, 7:00pm, Cover: $5, 4426 Locust St., Philadelphia, PA, www.greenlinecafe.com
Fri 12/2 - House Concert hosted by Mr. Patrick, 7:00pm, Harlem, NYC. Limited space available. Contact to be added to the guest list, info@anniecranemusic.com.
Sat 12/3 - Orchard House Cafe w/ Dan & Rachel and Debe Dalton, 8:00pm, 1064 1st Avenue, Southeast Corner 58th St., NYC. www.orchardhousecafe.com.
Sun 12/4 - The Living Room as part of the Jack Hardy Tribute Night, 4:30-6:30PM, Free, 154 Ludlow St., NY, NY. www.livingroomny.com 
You can buy the new album on CDBaby $15, on iTunes for less than $10, or in person at live shows for $12.


The Release of "Jump With a Child's Heart"

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the release show this past Saturday in NYC. It was a magical night playing through the entire new album with a full band! A few pictures are below for you to check out. Thank you SO much to everyone who attended, donated to the fund raising campaign, played on the record, played at the release show, hugged me when I was crazed, and fed me whiskey when I was beyond crazed!

If you would like to buy the new album, you may do so at live shows for $12 or on CDBaby for $15 or on iTunes for less than $9.

Today, the official release of the album, I was listed on the Country Music Televisions website along side some famous people, many of whom played on the freshly released The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams (a compilation album that draws its inspiration from previously-unheard lyrics contained in Hank Williams' notebooks). 

A more fleshed out write-up of the album, however, was posted on the Columbus Wired and is copied here below. It's pretty great and I'll share it with you now. 


With so many musical artists today relying on gimmicks, image, and artificiality to thrive, it is refreshing to hear a musician as authentic as Annie Crane. Her latest album, Jump With a Child’s Heart, shows that she puts her whole, honest self into her work. The music is personal, relatable and inspiring. Jump tells amazing stories about life using classic American Folk techniques. At the same time, Crane invokes even older Celtic traditions. She has a unique ability to effortlessly mix these deep-rooted music styles with modern topics such as life in the city.

Crane writes music about the struggles and joys of her life, as well as the things that inspire her. Her topics include her marriage, money problems, her home of New York and death. Literary masters, T.S. Elliot and J.D. Salinger also make appearances in Crane’s music. “I hate way too cool for school. Screw ‘em and the vintage they rode in on,” she sings in the track “Salinger said…” This is the same anti-“phony” attitude that Salinger’s Holden Caulfield was famous for inCatcher in the Rye.  The song goes on to describe the courage it takes for Crane to be authentic to herself, in a society that expects female artists to play stereotypical roles.
Another track, “Money Only Hates Me,” is one that many will be able to relate to during this economic crisis. According to Crane’s official website, the song is about a time in 2008 when she lost her voice and was unable to perform.  In the chorus Crane simply states, “Cause money, money only hates and it leaves me. Money’s not my friend.” This is one of the more simplistic of Crane’s lyrics, but necessarily so. Part of Crane’s songwriting talent is that she writes about the simple things we encounter daily, and complex thoughts and issues that sometimes plague our minds.
Apart from Crane’s amazing songwriting capabilities, her musical talent is incredible on its own. Her voice is absolutely beautiful as she blends the Celtic and folk styles into her own.  She can also hold her own on the guitar. She is accompanied by a slide guitar, percussion, a bass, a trumpet, a banjo, and a cello. The accompanying musicians add warmth and depth to and already impressive album.
The release party for Jump With a Child’s Heart takes place in New York on October 1st. After that, you can catch Crane in Columbus on November 12th at Kafe Kerouac.

Some Release Show Pics...