12 days left of "Annie Crane's Delirious Dilemma!"

Dear everyone, 

It has been an amazing few weeks in the world of fund raising for my new record. I thank all of you for your well wishes and donations! In the first 24 hours of launching the campaign, I exceeded one third of my goal(!) & in less than 20 days into the 40 day campaign, I reached my goal of $3,200... It is amazing to me... I am touched and honored to have your kind and generous support! At 4:30pm on March 14th, your donations will be transferred from the kickstarter platform into my music business account and will go towards paying the recording studio, the mastering studio and the CD duplication facility. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This album could not happen without you.

With an unanticipated 12 days left before the close of the campaign, I find myself in an intriguing position - I now have the opportunity to continue to raise funds. I will continue to push this campaign through March 14th. Any additional funds will be put towards the following items:

$500 - album artwork by Austin, TX based visual artist, Dan Grissom
$1500 - radio campaign to folk & college radio DJs across North America
$1200 - publicist for the northeast region

Please continue to share this campaign with your friends, family and lovers of independent music & art!

All my love & THANK YOU!!!!!


European Tour 3/19-4/2

Alexa and I are headed back to Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, France and we're coming to Belgium for the first time! Here are the dates. Spread the word.
19 March - Musigbistrot @ 9:00PM, Bern, CH, www.musigbistrot.ch 
20 March - Powerplay Studios @ 7:00PM, Maur, CH, www.powerplaystudios.ch 
22 March - Cafe Henrici @ 8:00PM, Z├╝rich, CH, www.cafe-henrici.ch 
23 March - Blaue Fabrik @ 9:00pm, Dresden, DE, www.blauefabrik.de 
24 March - House Concert, Hannover, DE. To attend, email info@anniecranemusic.com 
25 March - Art.Gerecht @ 8:00pm, Berlin, DE, www.art-gerecht-berlin.de 
26 March - Christianshavns Beboerhus @ 9:30PM, Copenhagen, DK, www.beboerhus.dk 
27 March - Mojo Blues w/ Rasmus Dall @ 9:30pm, Copenhagen, DK, www.mojo.dk
29 March - House Concert, Kiel, DE. To attend, email info@anniecranemusic.com 
30 March - Hasenachaukel @ 9:00PM, Hamburg, DE, www.hasenschaukel.de 
31 March - Coiffure Liliane @ 9:00PM, Brussels, BE, www.coiffureliliane.com
1 April - Live Music Cafe @ 9:30pm, Brussels, BE, www.live-music-cafe.be 
2 April - Paris, France TBA


Folk Alliance 2011 - Guerilla Showcases

Just played some wonderfully amazing Valentine's Day house concerts in Richmond VA and Knoxville TN on the way to Memphis for the International Folk Alliance. If you're attending this conference. please check out one of the showcases I'll be playing!

Wed 2/16
Constant Clip Records Presents, 10:30PM - 12:00AM, Room # 1911
In the round w/ Elam Blackman, J Wagner & Annie Crane
Thurs 2/17
Andrew Pressman on the BASS Presents, 11:00 - 11:25PM, Room # 1911
In the round w/ Annie Crane, Elam Blackman & Alexa Woodard
Fri 2/18
Constant Clip Records Presents - “Burning Heart: Songs for the Gulf”, 2:00 - 4:00PM, Room # 1911
In the round w/ Hunter Paye, Raina Rose, Annie Crane, J Wagner, Alexa Woodward & Elam Blackman (artists featured on the Burning Heart compilation CD)
Constant Clip Records Presents, 12:00 - 12:25AM, Room # 1911
Song share with Annie Crane & Shanon Wurst
James Moors Presents, 2:30 - 2:45AM, Room #1916
Annie Crane solo
Sat 2/19
Wine & Nut Records Presents, 2:00 - 2:30PM, Room #1910
Annie Crane solo
Constant Clip Records Presents, 1:30 - 1:45AM, Room # 1911
In the round w/ Annie Crane, Gabrielle Papillon & Alexa Woodward


Annie on Sleepover Show #27, Boston MA

While on tour in November throughout the NE and Eastern Canada, we stopped at the Sleepover Shows in Boston for Alexa to do a series on their awesome video blog and they offered me a slot on "Sleepover Show #27". It turned out great - take a look. Song: "Jump with a Child's Heart"

Don't forget about my the Kickstarter campaign! Please head over to watch the adorably hysterical silent film campaign video, "Annie's Delirious Dilemma!" and please consider donating to independent music. You will get and amazing prize if you do.


Annie's Deliriously Thrilling Dilemma!

I have entered the studio and begun recording my second album and it is sounding incredible, but I need your help.
My good friend and co-producer for this project, Frank Hoier, and I have begun recording at his studios in Red Hook, Brooklyn on an old reel-to-reel machine (as opposed to digital, giving it a warmer, more natural sound) and we’re producing a more pared down version of my music. These recordings are going to be minimalist yet intriguing with hints of cello, electric bass, trumpet, slide guitar and harmonies throughout.
In todays music world, musicians need all the help they can get from those who enjoy what they produce. The internet has changed everything leaving independent artists to figure out the path to a stable, healthy living (otherwise known as success) on their own... which has proven to have many pros & cons. It’s wonderful because an artist now can maintain near complete creative control and is able (drum roll!) to keep a fair monetary percentage of what their work brings in. It’s bad, however, because their work needs capital to be produced and this requires project funding... which, with a now topsy turvy music industry, is absent.
This is where I’d like to ask for your help. I’ve launched a fund raising campaign to cover the cost of this record. The campaign is being hosted at Kickstarter.com and is titled “Annie Crane’s Delirious Dilemma!” (make sure to watch the adorably hysterical campaign video in 1920’s silent film fashion). My goal is to raise $3200. Recording a record is not cheap - here is a breakdown of my project costs: $1400 for recording, mixing & musicians. $500 for mastering. $1500 for CD production & duplication (this does not include things like album artwork, publicity & promotions, radio campaigns and postage for mailing hundreds of press kits to radio station, newspapers, magazines, etc which is all done and paid out-of-pocket by the artist).
For every donation, there is an amazing prize. Prizes include: a signed pre-release copy of the record, a personalized song about how YOUR grandparents met and fell in love, a sketch of your favorite President by an acclaimed NY based presidential portrait artist, my entire discography, special poems and letters written thoughtfully by me to you, etc. Go to “Annie Crane’s Delirious Dilemma!” to see what other rewards there are.
This campaign lasts for only 40 days and if I don’t reach my goal in that time, I get none of the donations. That means if I raise $3199, $1 shy of my goal, I get nothing. You can pledge any amount you like; even as little as $1 will be a tremendous help. Please help me meet my goal and by doing so, you will be supporting independent music. 
At its best, art is created to connect with, to move, and to better humanity. This can not be done without help from those who value this expression. Thank you so much for supporting me over the last few years! Please continue to do so with a donation to this project.

Love, Annie