A pretty epic comparison from University of Colorado's, The Denver Advocate:

"The album feels like memoirs of a traveler and an explorer. This is what Christopher McCandless of 'Into the Wild' had to feel like while traveling across the country".

... freaking awesome. Thanks UCD Advocate!

Thurs 12/1 at The Green Line Cafe w/ Marc Silver and Thin Domes & Kevin James Holland @ 7:00PM, 4426 Locust St., Philadelphia, PA

Fri 12/2 House Concert hosted by Mr. Rick Patrick, Harlem, NYC

Sat 12/3 at the Orchard House Cafe w/ Dan and Rachel and Debe Dalton @ 8:00PM, 1064 1st Ave., NYC. Suggested donation of $5.

Sun 12/4 at The Living Room for the Jack Hardy Tribute Night @ 4:00PM - 6:30PM, 154 Ludlow St., NYC. Each performer will play 3-4 songs, one of which will be in dedication to Jack.

This will be my last batch of shows of the year. Thank you to all my supporters out there; it means so much and there's no way I could continue this road without you! Keep your ears & eyes peeled for more exciting things to come. All my love, Annie


I'm about to head out on the second leg of my fall tours. I'll be hitting up IN, OH, KY, TN, NC, VA, PA + MD with my dear friend and label mate, Elam Blackman. If you live in or have friends who live in any of the cities listed below, please let them know about the shows! 

In other news, since returning from the first leg of fall touring, I've moved from NYC to Washington, D.C. What a beautiful town and I'm very excited by it's central location between the NE and SE touring routes!

Annie Crane Elam Abraham Blackman on a Joint Tour!

Fri 11/11 - Indianapolis, IN, house concert, l
imited space available. Contact Annie to be added to the guest list, info@anniecranemusic.com.
Sat 11/12 - Columbus, OH, 8pm at www.kafekerouac.com
Sun 11/13 - Cincinnati, OH, 8pm at www.sitwellscoffeehouse.com
Mon 11/14 - Knoxville, TN, house concert, l
imited space available. Contact Annie to 
be added to the guest list, info@anniecranemusic.com.
Tues 11/15 - Asheville, NC, 8pm at www.bobogallery.com
Wed 11/16 - Berea, KY, 7pm at www.blackfeathercafe.com
Thurs 11/17 - Durham, NC, 8:30pm at www.thebroadstreetcafe.com
Fri 11/18 - Staunton, VA, 8pm at www.darjeelingcafe.com
Sat 11/19 - Baltimore, MD, house concert, l
imited space available. Contact Caleb to be added to the guest list, caleb@calebstine.com.

Mon 11/21 - Kimberton, PA, 7:30pm at