A few things...

The compilation I'm on that I recently told you about got some press in American Songwriter Magazine in which I got a wee mention...

"News Roundup on April 20, 2011: Rolling Stones Tribute, Jeff Bridges, Paul Simon - A new compilation, Burning Heart: Songs For The Gulf, released on the one-year anniversary of the BP oil spill that devastated the Gulf Coast, features songwriters like Kelle Jolly, Louis Ledford, Annie Crane, and Hunter Paye. All proceeds go to the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund. Pick up a copy of the album and listen to clips here".

Also, here is a "stolen conert" taken in Brussels, Belgium of me singing an old Irish folk song my mom taught me as a kid. Thanks to Florin and Frederick for filming and posting! Also, live footage from the show I played in Brussels to be posted soon.

Annie Crane - The Trees They do Grow High (Stolen Concert) from Concert Volé on Vimeo.

more soon.


Burning Heart: Songs for the Gulf

I am honored to have been a part of this compilation released today by my label, Constant Clip Records. As Dave Eggers (author of Zeitoun) says of this collection of songs, "If Woody Guthrie were alive, this is the album he'd put together to lament and celebrate the state of our country. His spirit courses through every song." 100% of the proceeds will go towards rebuilding the gulf coast. Please read more below & follow the links to listen.

BURNING HEART: songs for the gulf
A Constant Clip Record Compilation
100% of the proceeds sent to the Greater New Orleans Foundation's
Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund
on the one year anniversary of a corporation's lack of integrity causing a terrible disaster, please consider making a donation through the purchase of this album to support the restoration of the gulf coast shoreline and livelihood of its inhabitants.

"This is such a powerful compilation. For anyone who cares about the Gulf Coast, or hell, the United States of America, listening to this heartbroken album is a brutal emotional experience. But it's also beautiful, and even inspiring, throughout. If Woody Guthrie were alive, this is the album he'd put together to lament and celebrate the state of our country. His spirit courses through every song."
-Dave Eggers, author of Zeitoun.

"..all of the artists on this record are coming from the same generous place. They just want to help. May compassion, decency, and grace guide them as they use their resources to tackle one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time."Mary Gauthier, musician and activist

Track listing:
1. I Can't Leave - Kelle Jolly
2. Black Tide - Elam Blackman
3. Bully's Lament - Shakey Graves
4. Southland - Louis Ledford
5. Katie On The Railroad - Kevin Scanlon
6. The Dead Of Deepwater - Ashley Erin Mayne
7. Stand - Teneia Sanders
8. Working Offshore - Jonathan Byrd
9. Au Revoir Tuvalu - Dave Dersham
10. All This Sugar - Alexa Woodward
11. Black Blanket - Hunter Paye
12. Hell's Gate - Annie Crane
13. Your Horizon - Forest Sun

About the Greater New Orleans Foundation:
The Greater New Orleans Foundation is one of the oldest and largest philanthropic organizations in the region. Every day, the Foundation joins other foundations, nonprofit organizations, community leaders, and government officials to address the needs of the community and build consensus for solutions.

They continue to monitor the effects of the oil spill on local communities and to make strategic grants.
Some grants already funded to The Tulane Institute on Water Resources and Policy, The Alliance Institute, The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation (LPBF), Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association (VAYLA), Louisiana Bucket Brigade, and The Seedco Financial Southeast Louisiana Fisheries Assistance Center.

cover art donated by Patrick Haemmerlein. design by Aaron Monroy.


Europe - a success

I returned from Europe last week. It was a wonderful tour - saw some familiar faces, met some new ones, fell in love with a few new cities and was perpetually amazed  at the kindness of strangers. It's an awesome thing. I got a stomach bug during the last few days while we were in Brussels and folks we so kind! Thanks to everyone along the route for giving us a place to sleep, feeding, applauding, encouraging and supporting us.

A few favorites...

food: carrot soup - made by sweet Ronald in Dresden, Germany
city: Copenhagen, Denmark - it had the best sleeping couch ever (thank you Rolf & Sara!) and an old high school friend across the river in Malmo (love you Ris).
show: how can I choose?! Cafe Henrici in Zurich, Suse's in Kiel, Musigbistrot in Bern, Art.Gerecht in Berlin, Seb's in Hannover, Live Music Cafe in Brussels... it's impossible. I can't pick!

Some pics. To see some more, go to my facebook album here. And while you're there, you should become a "fan".

Now home and rested, I'm booking some summer shows in NYC and getting things prepped for a southeast tour in July. Stay tuned for those dates. Also getting ready for the big, bad CD release in the fall. Ridiculously excited for this album and for you to hear it!

love, A.