My Music at Starbucks!

When you stop in for your favorite winter time coffee drink at Starbucks, keep your ears peeled for two songs off of my recently released album, Jump With a Child's Heart. The songs: "You & Me & the Evergreen" and "Hell's Gate".

I love how the sea monster in my song "Hell's Gate" ties into the origins of todays coffee king. The name "starbucks" was inspired by Moby Dick and was chosen to call to mind the romance of the high seas and seafaring traditions. Pretty cute for the once-upon-a-time mom-and-pop coffee shop in Seattle. As for "You & Me & the Evergreen"; this is prime evergreen season. Seems pretty appropriate that it'll get to be heard by millions over the upcoming winter. These tunes can be heard at thousands of Starbucks locations around the world over the next few months. I hope you get a chance to hear one of them while buying your morning pick-me-up. And thank you Starbucks for supporting independent music!

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* Holiday Shopping *
Charity Auction - The folks over at Sleepover Shows in Boston are doing a charity auction featuring signed merch from all of this past year's musicians. I'm thrilled to have my 2009 album Through the Farmlands & the Cities in the bunch. All proceeds go to the Boston Food Bank. Check it out here: Charity: Sleepover Shows.

Independent Music makes an incredible stocking stuffer and Chanukah gift! Consider giving the gift of a once NYC based, now DC loving Americana/Indie Folk musician.
(2009) Through the Farmlands and the Cities
(2011) Jump With a Child's Heart

Happy Holidays Everyone!




On this edition of L.A.'s "The PLaylist": Annie Crane
"In this edition of the PLaylist we’re meeting up with the lovely Annie Crane! Annie gives us her perspective of life on the road, JD Salinger, and her latest master piece “Jump With A Child’s Heart”! We’re talking about everything in this edition of The PLaylist!"

Thanks DJ Turtle!
love, Annie.