Tiny House Concert Series, Tues Oct 14th

I'll be playing at the Tiny House Concert Series at Boneyard Studios on Tuesday, October 14th located at 21 Evarts St NE, Washington, DC 20002. Music starts at 6:30pm with the wonderful act, The Iris Bell.

Free & BYOB. Link to the Facebook event page here.

Some of you may already now about he Tiny House movement but for those who don't, it is a movement with economical and environmental motives. Boneyard Studios describes it as: "Tiny houses on wheels provide an affordable, attractive, environmentally-friendly housing option. Nationally the tiny house movement is growing and wonderfully varied. Tiny houses can be as small as a square meter or as large as 300, 400, or 700 feet; the key isn’t really size itself, but careful and deliberate attention to space efficiency and simplicity. Some tiny houses are foundation-built while others are on wheels (like those at Boneyard Studios).”

Come for great music, and at the same time, tour the 3 tiny houses at Boneyard Studios! Learn more at www.boneyardstudios.com